House Clearance Tips

If you have come to this page you are probably looking for some Honest advice as to how to go about arranging the clearance of a property.

This can be for a few reasons

  1. Clearing a property after a loss of a family member or due to them needing a move to a place of care.

  2. Tenants have left a property in a poor state and you are re letting or re selling.

  3. You are moving and need a clear out.

This can, for some of these reasons be an upsetting experience.

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Where to start

First you will have to go through the contents to make sure you have any paperwork of importance, bills and personal id documents and documents of personal interest. SAFTLEY DESTROY any documents that are not needed properly.

Then you will have to look out for and put to one side anything that you want to keep for sentimental value (photos, diaries, jewellery nick-knacks). It would be helpful to have other family members working with you to agree what each of you wants to keep as keepsakes. Don’t get rid of anything, no matter how silly it may seem until you are ready to. You may keep these things forever or you might feel more comfortable doing so after a bit of time has passed. I still have a wooden toy my grandfather made in his youth that although hidden away brings back great memories of the past. We do offer on a day rate for one of our team to help you go through the property with you to help pack and sort items you need a hand with, if you haven’t got anyone to help. Even getting in the attic. You tell them what you want to do through the day and they do it. Purley a service to help and save you having to be lifting and moving things all day. Saves your energy for the tasks ahead.

After you and anyone else have sorted them bits and pieces including any furniture or fixings you want to keep or pass on you need to start your search for a House clearance service that suits your needs. I would love to say just call our services but you need to ask people you know and look at several services and get FREE QUOTES, don’t pay anyone to give you a price.

You could try some of the charity companies but be warned that more and more I’m being used to clear the goods that they don’t feel suitable for their shops and only take what they can make money on, so your still left to clear what they don’t want, so this drags out the process even more and you still have to get a house clearance company in. They won’t take anything that hasn’t got a upto date fire label attached so you need to check furniture for this.

We try our best to give things away for free to people in need who will use, even if there’s a stain or a scratch. “Freecycle” and “Trash nothing” are good sites to give things away but you do have traders looking to resell and people can let you down not turning up. Which again, is time consuming for you.

Things to remember when looking for a clearance service

  • Are they registered to carry waste?
  • Are they a proper company or a van and man service?
  • Compare prices.
  • Do they use a Duty Of Care Notice?

Once you have made your choice make it clear what is to go and what is to stay (post-it notes on larger items or getting things moved to a room once its cleared, (we do this for you as part of the clearance).

If you have gone with a rubbish clearance do you want to be about while the clearance takes place as with rubbish clearance they may break up everything on the drive to load it so be prepared if you go for rubbish clearance. House clearance is a little more caring and items are loaded in one piece as its understandable with the given situation, we advise you to go and have a coffee or do a bit of shopping to take your mind off things while it’s all going on that day.

Dependant on the size and amount of belongings to be cleared will reflect in the time taken, once onsite a clearer picture can be made. A 3 bed with just furniture in can be cleared in a day, carpets and all.

Once the clearance has taken place and it’s all swept and hovered and your satisfied with the end result then it’s time to make payment for the service.

Good luck.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page feel free to contact Kevin Porter at Klutter King if you need advice or you would like to book a house clearance service or a rubbish clearance service with us. Please call, email, text and one last thing if you do go for a coffee mines white no sugar.

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What our clients say

Malcolm Castle

2 months ago

Can highly recommend Klutter King. Kevin and his team have just finished a full house clearance for us, and we mean a “full house” including loft and garage. Worked hard in the heat, very quickly and efficiently and left the property hoovered throughout. Many Thanks

Edward Murray

3 months ago

Excellent service with an efficient and friendly team. I highly recommend Kevin and his team. He went well beyond what was expected for our job and we were extremely pleased with his reliability, promptness and the value for money.

John Goff

5 months ago

I would highly recommend Kevin and his team, who cleared a house and removed a shed for me. Kevin was honest polite, punctual and provided a reasonable price. The property was hoovered throughout and left in a clean and tidy condition. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.